We’re Cultivating a New Website Here!

Welcome to my new website!

If you were looking for “Sew For Dough”, you’re in the right place!

I just want to let you know that I am updating, rearranging and adding some new things on this site! One of the new things will be a name change! Instead of Sewfordough, the new name will be The Sewing Garden. We’ll eventually move over to a new web address as well. It will be found at TheSewingGarden.com.

Why the change? Like everything in life, there is a season for all things and I felt like the website was ready to see Spring again! As many of you who have been here since this website launched in 2009, I’ve always had the email address of TheSewingGarden@gmail.com and that name reflects more of who I am than Sewfordough. The new name combines my passions of sewing and gardening and I thought it was time to reflect that here. Besides, I think it will be an easier name to remember, don’t you?!

My goal is to make the site easier to navigate. You’ll still see all the tutorials on sewing and alterations, and more are coming your way!  I am also offering some e-books and you’ll be able to purchase those soon. In addition, there will be new content where you can find refreshment and encouragement for your sewing journey.

So, I invite you to “walk” around The Sewing Garden and make yourself at home! This will continue to be a place where you learn how to sew alterations and make beautiful changes to your garments and home decor.

So, check back here often. The updating may take us a little while, so thank you in advance for your patience. I am working with a very talented and gifted web designer and I’ll make sure she posts her information soon!

As always, if you have any questions, please type your topic in the search box for a listing of posts on that subject. Be sure and leave a comment there as well. And if you have a complicated alteration, please send me an email with photos. I’d love to help you!

Enjoy The Sewing Garden!



Granddaughter Update

Thank you all for your prayers and sweet comments concerning our new granddaughter. I really appreciate them all. She is doing better and gaining weight, now just over 6 pounds! Thought you might like to see a recent photo. I sure am enjoying her!



Thank You!

The WordPress annual report just showed up in my inbox.

I am speechless.

There were over 290,000 visits to this blog in 2013!

That’s about 800 per day….incredible!

And you are reading this blog from 179 countries all over the world…

(from some countries I have never heard of)…..even more incredible!

Thank you to each and every one of you for making my “job” so much fun!

Sewfordough will be five years old this coming April.

I didn’t really intend to start a blog and this three years after I started, I wrote a post about that called, “Celebrate With Me…It’s Free!” 

And this post tells about my father who taught me how to sew.

It is inspiring to see which posts you look at each day.

And I love getting your emails, questions and comments.

Keep them coming!

Oh, and before I close out the year, I just want to let you all know that my husband and I are going to be grandparents, for the first time, this coming June!

We’re so excited!!!

So, any tips you have on sewing for grandkids or how to be a good grandma, will be totally appreciated!!!

I hope you and your family have a very blessed New Year filled with God’s richest blessings!