How To Take In The Crotch Seam on Pants

I just got an email from a reader whose husbands pants are hanging too low in the crotch area.

Ever need to make that alteration?

I thought about how to show you with a pair of slacks, but I think you’ll catch the idea much better and faster with a diagram.

It’s a very easy alteration.

First, figure out how much material needs to be taken in.

That would be awkward for you to pin up on a customer, so have them do it before they get to your establishment.

Once that is known, then you are going to open up the area  where the crotch seams and the inseams intersect.

Open up at least twice the amount you’ll need to take in.

In other words, if you are taking in two inches total, then open up about 4 inches of the crotch seam.

Don’t open up the inseam though.

Keep that intact.

The only sewing done will be on the inseam.

Now, if you need to take up a total of two inches in the crotch, you’ll need to take in one inch on each inner leg seam as illustrated in this diagram:

You can eyeball the new seam based on the dotted line in the diagram.

This may seem like a strange way to alter the crotch seam, but trust me, this works!

Once you have made the new seams, you can trim the seam allowances if you need to.

Otherwise, you may have too much bulk.

Now, stitch up the original crotch seam along the original seam line.

That’s all there is to it!

As I’ve stated in other posts, if you have to alter a garment more than two sizes, you may not have great results, but this is excellent for pants that hang a little low.